domingo, 4 de janeiro de 2015


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Happy New Year, passangers of this crazy spaceship I named Flying Dutchman! The events on batavian lands keep going the same track as usual: make me learn a lot, make me re-learn a lot, and most of all keep showing me that the set of things I know is countable, while the set of things I don't know... this one is uncountable, and infinite in ways that would make the Real Numbers Set jealous.

I haven't written as much as I imagined I would have at first. The reason is not lack of topics, actually the stack of topics about which I would like to talk about is always getting higher and higher, much faster than my typing skills would allow me to write. The reason is that a topic in particular have been poping up in my mind much more frequently than any other, and it is about that that I want to talk now.

What do you want for your life? I am sorry I ask this question like that, without preparation, but I couldn't think in any way to soften the impact. And it is like that the question comes to me, urgent, as if my future depends on its answer.

When I was in Liberato, highschool with technical studies in Electronics, between 2008 and 2012, the future presented itself clearly: I would finish highschool, find a job in the technical area, work during the day and go to college during the night. The salary would be good, not awesome but more than enough to cover food and living expenses, some extra to buy books, etc. What would I be studying? Something technical, maybe an engineering, something envolving Mathematics but with good salary expectation.

That sounded perfect to me then. But now... I don't know.

I consider myself super lucky for not having to think about a job as if it was something to prevent me from starving. My parents always worked very hard so my family would never lack the necessary, and even though I have never had the best toys (or, later, the equivalent of best toys for the teenagers and young adults), our fruit basket was always full. So this text may sound to you as a spoiled child crying, so be it. One of the countless doubts I have now is if it is so much necessary that everybody accept suffering as an inevitable part of life.

I want to have a job that satisfies me as a human being. The idea of working/studying the whole year waiting for the vacation period, the whole week waiting for Friday, the whole day waiting for the time we go home... This idea depresses me. In the books of Isaac Asimov he very frequently talks about a future when science and technology frees people from boring jobs, so everybody have free time to spend doing stuff they really love. Is too soon to want something like that?

In my specific case, studying Computer Science, my fear is to become someone's employee, working in a project that does not inspires me at all, to get "higher" in the company and have money which I will not have the time to spend. Being able to buy books, but never relaxed enough to enjoy them.

I like to finish my posts with some sort of conclusion, and in the beginning of this one I expected to end up having some sort of insight during the process of writing, but miracles don't happen. And, in a post I started talking about not knowing stuff, nothig more coherent than finishing without conclusion.

Lucky ones those who know what the future has to them.


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